About the Catalogue

The goal of the Open Catalogue is to showcase creators’ content and support UBC faculty in incorporating open educational practices into their classrooms. 

Although there is no single definition, UBC defines Open Education as a collection of practices that utilize online technology to freely share knowledge.  

Open Education Resources (OER) are teaching and learning resources made freely available through the public domain or open copyright licenses.  As an OER catalogue, this site includes openly accessible and reusable courses, modules, textbooks, lesson plans, presentations, tests, animations, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge. 

For more information and how-to guides on creating and publishing OER, check out these Open UBC Toolkits


The UBC OER Catalogue is developed and maintained by the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT) and the UBC Library at Vancouver and Okanagan.   

Support also comes for the Open UBC Working Group.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT) focuses on professional development in teaching and learning, integration of technology into teaching and learning, development and delivery of distance education courses and programs and other technology-enhanced learning opportunities.  Request teaching support of a consultation.

The Library has several different supports to help you plan, find, create, and share OERs. We provide training and workshops for you and your team. We are also available for consultations.

The Open UBC Working Group, which comprises faculty, students, and staff, meets regularly to advise, communicate, and partner on the development of resources and strategies for supporting open scholarship at UBC.  If you are looking to connect with others who are engaging in open scholarship, consider joining us.