Social Science

Principles of Social Psychology – 1st International Edition

Author(s):Charles Stangor, Rajiv Jhangiani, Hammond Tarry, Benjamin Cheung

Description:This is an adaptation by Benjamin Cheung of Principles of Social Psychology-1st International Edition for UBC Psych 308A.

HIST 396: North American Environmental History

Author(s): Tina Loo

Description:A UBC History course taught by Tina Loo that was part of the WikiMedia Foundation Canada Education Program, which is aimed at enlisting university faculty and students in the task of grounding Wikipedia articles in the existing scholarly literature. Reflections by the instructor available.

LAST100: Intro to Latin American Studies

Author(s): UBC Department of Latin American Studies

Description:LAST100, “Introduction to Latin American Studies” provides an overview of the culture and society of Latin America from ancient to contemporary times, and from Argentina to Mexico. Particular attention is paid to the ways in which the region is constructed and represented, and to the cultural politics of race, gender, and class. 

Toolkit for Teaching Communication Skills in Social Work

Author(s): Marie Nightbird, Kelly Allison

Description: This open toolkit includes five videos demonstrating basic communication skills and a teaching guide for instructors. The videos are a series of short vignettes of counselling sessions between a social worker and a client.

Participatory Publishing : Zines as Open Pedagogy

Author: Alexandra Alisauskas, Erin Fields, and Jessi Taylor

Description:This resource contains a presentation outlining the integration of zines into a Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Course, an outline of the zine assignment, and a zine on using images.

The Laws of Settlement – 54 Laws Underlying Settlements Across Scale and Culture

Author(s): Erick Villagomez

Description: Laws of Settlement revives, updates and refreshes the ’54 Laws of Settlements’ outlined in Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis’ seminal book Ekistics: An Introduction to the Science of Human Settlements, making them relevant to the problems we face in the 21st century.