Data Science for Kinesiology

Author(s): Hyosub Kim

Description:This open textbook is aimed primarily at students and researchers in Kinesiology who want to learn how to work with and make sense of data using Python.

Learner-Centered Syllabus Toolkit


Description:This toolkit provides questions for reflection, suggestions, and sample language for writing syllabi at UBC Vancouver.

Tort Law

Author(s): Samuel Beswick

Description: The law of obligations concerns the legal rights and duties owed between people. Three primary categories make up the common law of obligations: tort, contract, and unjust enrichment. This casebook provides an introduction to tort law: the law that recognises and responds to civil wrongdoing.

HIST 396: North American Environmental History

Author(s): Tina Loo

Description:A UBC History course taught by Tina Loo that was part of the WikiMedia Foundation Canada Education Program, which is aimed at enlisting university faculty and students in the task of grounding Wikipedia articles in the existing scholarly literature. Reflections by the instructor available.

The Infinite Series Module

Author(s): UBC Department of Mathematics
Description: The Math Exam Resources wiki is a community project started in March 2012 by graduate students at the UBC Math Department and it features hints and worked out solutions to past math exams. The goal of the project is to provide an open and free educational resource to undergraduate students taking math courses, with a strong emphasis for first and second year courses. The provided solutions do not simply provide what the answer is, but instead focus on the processes that it takes to solve the problem. 

forall x (UBC Edition)

Author(s): Jonathan Ichikawa, P.D. Magnus

Description: This is an open-access introductory logic textbook, prepared by Jonathan Ichikawa, based on P.D. Magnus’s forallx. This book is an introduction to sentential logic and first-order predicate logic with identity, logical systems that significantly influenced twentieth-century analytic philosophy. It contains content, practice exercises, symbolic notations, and solutions to selected exercises.

Quality Enhancement in Online and Blended Course Development

Author(s): Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT)

Description: An open resource for instructors and learning designers that shares resources for online and blended course development. The resource is licensed Creative Commons Share-alike and is openly available for access and reuse. This site has been developed on the WordPress platform. 

ENGL470D CanLit Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Author(s):Kathryn Grafton

Description:UBC’s English 470D (Canadian Studies), focuses on the intersection of Canadian Literature and Web 2.0. In 2017, the course featured a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in which students were asked to address the exigence of equitable representation in Wikipedia by contributing new or expanding existing articles about Canadian literature.

Participatory Publishing : Zines as Open Pedagogy

Author: Alexandra Alisauskas, Erin Fields, and Jessi Taylor

Description:This resource contains a presentation outlining the integration of zines into a Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Course, an outline of the zine assignment, and a zine on using images.

Foundations of Chemical and Biological Engineering I

Jonathan Verrett, Rosie Qiao, and Rana A

Description:This text for chemical and biological engineering contains such topics as carbon capture from power plant emissions and ammonia production for use in fertilizers.