Pathology: From the Tissue Level to Clinical Manifestations and Inter-professional Care Pathology:

Author(s):Jennifer Kong, Helen Dyck

Description:This multimedia resource provides the science behind the disease that a health care professional is managing and an explanation of the signs and symptoms a patient is experiencing, starting at the tissue level.

Undergraduate – Introductory Chemistry Flipped Classroom Modules

Author(s):Riley Petillion, W. Stephen McNeil, Tamara Freeman

Description:This learning activity is designed to be used in a large introductory chemistry course, as part of a larger module of learning activities that includes prior viewing of an interactive instructional video.

Clinical Anatomy

Author(s): Suzanne Hetzel Campbell, Claudia Krebs, Marianne Brophy, Kim Campbell, Simone Gruenig, Melanie Willson, Flaviana Vieira, Nicole Bernardes, Janet Currie, Thayanthini Tharmaratnam, Carrie Miller, Olivia May Holuszko, Paige Blumer, & Monika Fejtek. (2020).

Description:This resource provides foundational knowledge for healthcare professionals related to the physiology of lactation.

Learner-Centered Syllabus Toolkit


Description:This toolkit provides questions for reflection, suggestions, and sample language for writing syllabi at UBC Vancouver.

Rock the Boat: Using Theatre to Reimagine Graduate Supervision

Author(s):Susan Cox, Michael Lee, Matthew Smithdeal, Tala Maragha

Description:Rock the Boat is an open-access multimedia resource designed to provoke dialogue about graduate supervision relationships within universities, and their impact on student and faculty wellbeing.

Evidence-based Science Education in Action

Author(s): UBC Faculty of Science

Description:An open collection of video demonstrations of classroom, lab and other instructional strategies which was inspired by the observation that instructors are most likely to consider trying new teaching strategies after watching a colleague or a video that demonstrates the strategy in action in a real setting. The videos are not documentaries or testimonials, but are demonstrations of students learning, and teaching strategies in action. 

Open Case Studies

Author(s): Daniel Munro, Christina Hendricks, Kevin Doering, Will Engle, Rie Namba, Erin Fields, Deb Chen, Lucas Wright

Description: This project has brought together faculty and students from across departments and Faculties to co-create an interdisciplinary, open educational resource on sustainability and environmental ethics. The structure and open nature of this resource will allow faculty and students to contribute to and provide commentary on a collection of case studies through the lens of their respective academic disciplines. The resource has been developed using the UBC Wiki and will be continued to be built upon throughout the project.

The Science Education Initiative Handbook

Author(s): Stephanie V. Chasteen, Warren J. Code

Description: This openly-licensed Handbook is based on the Science Education Initiative (SEI), a transformative initiative aimed at changing STEM teaching practices in university settings.

Online Teaching Program

Author(s): Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT)

Description: This open program is designed to help instructors adapt their courses for the online environment and prepare them to teach online. The program consists of an openly licensed course with self-paced modules.

Quality Enhancement in Online and Blended Course Development

Author(s): Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT)

Description: An open resource for instructors and learning designers that shares resources for online and blended course development. The resource is licensed Creative Commons Share-alike and is openly available for access and reuse. This site has been developed on the WordPress platform. 

Scarfe Digital Sandbox

Author(s): Wendy Carr, Joanne Naslund and Yvonne Dawydiak
Description:The Scarfe Digital Sandbox is a virtual space for teacher candidates and faculty to explore technology integration. The openly licensed resources contains educational technology guides that highlight what the technology is, why it is relevant, and how to get started.