Mathematics and Statistics

Data Science for Kinesiology

Author(s): Hyosub Kim

Description:This open textbook is aimed primarily at students and researchers in Kinesiology who want to learn how to work with and make sense of data using Python.

PLP: An Introduction to Mathematical Proof

Author(s): Seçkin Demirbaş, Andrew Rechnitzer

Description: An Introduction to Mathematical Proof is a textbook on mathematical thinking, logic and proof-writing that emphasizes not only mathematical correctness, but clarity of exposition and the building of intuition that is so critical to constructing proofs.

Optimal, Integral, Likely: Optimization, Integral Calculus, and Probability for Students of Commerce and the Social Sciences

Author(s): Bruno Belevan, Parham Hamidi, Nisha Malhotra, Elyse Yeager

Description: Optimal, Integral, Likely is a free, open-source textbook intended for UBC’s course MATH 105: Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences.

MATH 105 Probability Module

Author(s): UBC Department of Mathematics

Description: A set of open resources, which focus specifically on probability, for students in MATH 105 at UBC. The content on the MATH 105 Probability Module has been released into the public domain.

The Infinite Series Module

Author(s): UBC Department of Mathematics
Description: The Math Exam Resources wiki is a community project started in March 2012 by graduate students at the UBC Math Department and it features hints and worked out solutions to past math exams. The goal of the project is to provide an open and free educational resource to undergraduate students taking math courses, with a strong emphasis for first and second year courses. The provided solutions do not simply provide what the answer is, but instead focus on the processes that it takes to solve the problem. 

CLP-1 Differential Calculus

Author(s): Joel Feldman, Andrew Rechnitzer and Elyse Yeager

Description:This textbook covers single variable differential calculus. It also includes an additional problem book that contains a curated collection of problems which are relevant to most Calculus-I courses.