Activities and Assignments

Undergraduate – Introductory Chemistry Guided Inquiry Activities

Author(s):Riley Petillion, W. Stephen McNeil, Tamara Freeman

Description:This guided inquiry learning activity is designed to be used in a large introductory chemistry course.

Undergraduate – Introductory Chemistry Context Study Activities

Author(s): Riley Petillion, W. Stephen McNeil, Tamara Freeman

Description:This learning activity is designed to be used in a large introductory chemistry course, as part of a larger module of learning activities that include a prior reading of a short background information document.

Asking Scientific Questions

Author(s): Tara Ivanochko

Description:Six videos cover topics of pollination, sustainable fisheries, invasive species, wildfire management, water resources and alternative energy production. A series of in-class activities  use these videos to practice asking scientific questions and aligning questions with data.

Soil Web 200

Author(s):Krzic, M., K. Wiseman, L. Dampier, S. Grand, J. Wilson and D. Gaumont-Guay

Description:SoilWeb200 provides students with online, interactive, graphical, video and text-based information to assist them in understanding fundamental soil science concepts. It also relates these concepts to various soil management issues. SoilWeb200 is used to support the lecture and lab-based teaching methods in the APBI 200 – Introduction to Soil Science course.

Optimal, Integral, Likely: Optimization, Integral Calculus, and Probability for Students of Commerce and the Social Sciences

Author(s): Bruno Belevan, Parham Hamidi, Nisha Malhotra, Elyse Yeager

Description: Optimal, Integral, Likely is a free, open-source textbook intended for UBC’s course MATH 105: Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences.

HIST 396: North American Environmental History

Author(s): Tina Loo

Description:A UBC History course taught by Tina Loo that was part of the WikiMedia Foundation Canada Education Program, which is aimed at enlisting university faculty and students in the task of grounding Wikipedia articles in the existing scholarly literature. Reflections by the instructor available.

Phylo: The Trading Card Game

Author(s): David Ng

Description: Phylo is a card game that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity; and an exercise in crowd sourcing, open access, and open game development. 

Open Case Studies

Author(s): Daniel Munro, Christina Hendricks, Kevin Doering, Will Engle, Rie Namba, Erin Fields, Deb Chen, Lucas Wright

Description: This project has brought together faculty and students from across departments and Faculties to co-create an interdisciplinary, open educational resource on sustainability and environmental ethics. The structure and open nature of this resource will allow faculty and students to contribute to and provide commentary on a collection of case studies through the lens of their respective academic disciplines. The resource has been developed using the UBC Wiki and will be continued to be built upon throughout the project.

ENGL470D CanLit Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Author(s):Kathryn Grafton

Description:UBC’s English 470D (Canadian Studies), focuses on the intersection of Canadian Literature and Web 2.0. In 2017, the course featured a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in which students were asked to address the exigence of equitable representation in Wikipedia by contributing new or expanding existing articles about Canadian literature.

Participatory Publishing : Zines as Open Pedagogy

Author: Alexandra Alisauskas, Erin Fields, and Jessi Taylor

Description:This resource contains a presentation outlining the integration of zines into a Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Course, an outline of the zine assignment, and a zine on using images.