Web Resources

Soil Web 200

Author(s):Krzic, M., K. Wiseman, L. Dampier, S. Grand, J. Wilson and D. Gaumont-Guay

Description:SoilWeb200 provides students with online, interactive, graphical, video and text-based information to assist them in understanding fundamental soil science concepts. It also relates these concepts to various soil management issues. SoilWeb200 is used to support the lecture and lab-based teaching methods in the APBI 200 – Introduction to Soil Science course.


Bryan Gick, Kathleen Currie Hall, Hotze Rullmann, Martina Wiltschko, Strang Burton, and many additional UBC language instructors.

Description:Through the practical use of novel ultrasound visual technology, these resources enable Speech Science and Linguistics students to become better speech therapists, vocal trainers, language teachers, and communicators.

Digital Himalaya Project

Author(s):Mark Turin, Alan Macfarlane

Description: The Digital Himalaya project preserves in a digital medium archival anthropological materials from the Himalayan region that are quickly degenerating in their current forms, including films in various formats, still photographs, sound recordings, field notes, maps and rare journals.

eNunciate Pronunciation Resource

Author(s): UBC Department of Linguistics, UBC Deparment of Asian Studies

Description:The eNunciate site is an openly licensed resource that developed that was born out of the collaboration of the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Asian Studies, so that the former could apply the ultrasound technology to test biovisual feedback (Gick, et al. 2008) in the context of the second language learning, and the latter could provide students with video materials to help them to improve their pronunciation outside the class.

MATH 105 Probability Module

Author(s): UBC Department of Mathematics

Description: A set of open resources, which focus specifically on probability, for students in MATH 105 at UBC. The content on the MATH 105 Probability Module has been released into the public domain.


Author(s): Tara Ivanochko, David Cassis, Jade Shiller, Benjamin Moore-Maley, Jongmun Kim, Sam Huang, Aden Sheikh, Gladys Oka

Description: Phyto’pedia is an online encyclopaedia of common phytoplankton from the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Inside, the reader will find an extensive database of high-resolution images indicating the characteristic features of a variety of genera and species paired with carefully written descriptions.

Multilingual Forestry Dictionary

Author(s): UBC Faculty of Forestry

Description: An open, online, multilingual forestry dictionary that students can grow and refine. The dictionary caters to the diversity of languages in our UBC Faculty of Forestry and provide a BC forestry context to key terms and their definitions. This dictionary is a tool for international students as they transition to UBC, making it easier to learn and thrive.

Scarfe Digital Sandbox

Author(s): Wendy Carr, Joanne Naslund and Yvonne Dawydiak
Description:The Scarfe Digital Sandbox is a virtual space for teacher candidates and faculty to explore technology integration. The openly licensed resources contains educational technology guides that highlight what the technology is, why it is relevant, and how to get started.

Analytics@Sauder Open Learning Resources

Author(s): Gene Moo Lee, Steven Shechter, Martha Essak, Chunhua Wu, Sunah Cho,
Elisabeth Chin, Zhen Mu, Rob Peregoodoff

UBC Business Analytics Open Learning Resource is a collection of open-source business analytics tools and resources to enhance data analysis and meta-skills for business analytics professionals of all skill levels — including students in UBC Sauder School of Business Master of Business Analytics, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and Master of Management programs.

Introduction to Latin American Studies

Author(s):Jon Beasley-Murray

Description:LAST100, “Introduction to Latin American Studies” provides an overview of the culture and society of Latin America from ancient to contemporary times, and from Argentina to Mexico.